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[Tokyo japan Cat cafe] Ochanomizu Neco Republic reviews!


I went to Neco republic in Ochanomizu. Cats are used to be stray cats and taken in by this cat cafe. They are looking for new owner for cats. First of all, that Neco republic us super nice. Cats are very friendly. You will be satisfied for sure. A cat appealed to me when I was about to stand up and wanted to stay with me. He was very cute. I went to a cat cafe and learned about it. There seems to be a tendency for the cats in the protection cat cafe to be more friendly than the ordinary cat cafe.

[Tokyo japan Cat cafe] Ochanomizu Neco Republic reviews!



I took a video as well.

Shop location

There are some shops which is group of Neco republic in Tokyo. I went to one of them in Ochanomizu. It is about 5 minutes on foot from Ochanomizu Station and about 11 minutes on foot from Akihabara Station. There are many cat cafes around Akihabara. It's at 4 floor.
In the middle of the stairs, a picture of the efforts to make a stray cat a regional cat is posted. There are not many cat cafes that have been active for stray cats so far.
The life expectancy of stray cats is about 3 years on average. Life is 18 years for a domestic cat. Surviving in the field is very difficult. Here, activities such as making stray cats into regional cats and protecting them to find foster parents are carried out. It's awesome, isn't it? The price is a little higher than other cat cafes (it is cheaper than MoCha affiliated shops), but this is acceptable. Rather, I'm glad to think that some of the money I paid is for those cats.
Of course, you can visit just to enjoy a cat cafe.

Let's get into Neco republic.

This shop is a little unique, your first step is immigration. Onece you fill in the necessary information here, a passport (like a stamp card) that can be used in the store will be issued.
Like this. Looks nice.
This is inside. I'm the first so I'm a baron.
As the stamps accumulate, the baron, the Viscount, the Earl, the Baron, and the Duke will come up and you will receive benefits accordingly.
This is price menu. 30 minutes is 1,100 yen on weekdays and 1,300 yen on weekends and holidays (both not including tax) I stayed there for 60 minutes, it was 1,500 yen + cat snack 200 yen. A snack for cats is reasonable!
After completing immigration procedures, you can get a letter of appreciation. It is because you helps the cat's protection activities. I want to come again!
Furthermore, there are events for cat owners. This time, there was an event called “Handmade Food Classes for Cats”. The teacher is Noriko Koyama, an active veterinarian.
You put your luggage on the shelves and put only valuables into this store.

The inside look

The colorful and eclectic feel is amazing.
Merchandise is also abundant, and if you buy it here, I think it will probably be a fund for protection cat activities.
There are some drinks and foods. I think it's a good souvenir. There are three main rooms where you can play with cats. There are three rooms: a private cat room that can be reserved, a large Japanese room, and a room with an older cat.

Private room

This is a private room that you can charter. I could go enter because nobody chartered. She is Yuri. She is very friendly.
She wanted to be touched by me. She has been appealing the parts that she wants to stroke.
She felt good.
Sometimes she changed the regime.
Look at her face.
Meanwhile, other cats slept like this.

The largest Japanese-style room

This is a Japanese-style room. There was a cat tower, but it was impressive that every cats were quite on the floor and felt like they wanted to play.
The other side. The cat on the catwalk above was a little timid because he was taken in recently.
There are some books but not many. Bun it's no problem. The cats here will probably not leave you (maybe).

There are some drinks in a Japanese style room

This Japanese room has some drinks. You can drink one drink for free. The cat is 15 years!
You can get tea and coffee as well.
He is Totora. He is 16.
They are oldest cats. They looks fine.

Snacks time

At this shop, you can buy snacks for 200 yen. It ’s 5 meals a day, so it ’s fast!
Cats were gathering.
You can sit and give snacks, so cats will get on your feet.
Harunosuke is good eater. I run out of snacks but ...
The cat was still here!
Super cute!
Like this, when I tried to stand up, he was still stuck with me! This was the first time cats had been pampered at a cat cafe. It was a blissful time.


He is Lukius. It seems that I'm accustomed to Yuri who was in the first private room, Harunosuke and Lukius.

Price and Option

30 minutes・・・weekdays 1,100 yen、weekends 1,300 yen 60 minutes・・・weekdays 1,500 yen、weekends 1,700 yen 120 minutes・・・weekdays 2,400 yen 500 yen per 30-minute extension Snacks for cats・・・200円 Private room charter charges: Weekdays Regular price + 3,000 yen per hour, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays Regular price + 5,000 yen per hour (reservation required) All prices exclude tax.

Neco public's point

  • Cats are friendly.
  • Since we are recruiting foster parents, we can't always meet the same cat.
  • There are some smell.
  • The clerk is nice.

Shop information

CRANE building 4F 3-1-9 Yushima Bunkyouku Tokyo
Business hours: Weekdays from 15:00 to 20:00, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from 11:00 to 18:00 Regular holiday: Thursday (Open if Thursday is a public holiday) It's located in 5 mins from Ochanomizu station. It's located in 11 mins from Akihabara station. It takes 5 mins from Shinochanomizu. It's 5 mins from Yushima station. 5 minutes walk from Suehirocho Station. URL:Neco republic TEL:03-5826-8920
If you want to greet your cat here! If you are interested, please consult with the staff.
It is recommended!

My cat cafe ranking.

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