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[Tokyo japan Cat cafe] Toritsudaigaku CAT LIVING reviews!


Toritsudaigaku station is in Meguro.

CAT LIVING is in 30 seconds in Toritsudaigaku station on foot.

It was such a nice cat cafe!

I took a video as well.

I recommend to someone who go to cat cafe first time. You will relax and enjoy. Cats are very friendly.

Cats in CAT LIVING used to be stray cats. There are some like this kind of cat cafes in Tokyo. I'm happy because these cat cafes are getting nicer now.

[Tokyo japan Cat cafe] Toritsudaigaku CAT LIVING reviews!


CAT LIVING location

You can find a street as soon as you go out from Toritsudaigaku station.

In this picture, you go to left side. And you will see.

There is a laundry shop on 1st floor. CAT LIVING is on 2nd floor as same as this building.

You can enter CAT LIVING from here.

It looks nice.

Let's go inside CAT LIVING

This picture is inside of CAT LIVING.

The atmosphere is very relaxed.

You will smell just a little cats smell but it doesn't matter.

I thought that I could enjoy chilling for sure!

There are cats in CAT LIVING.

There are 10 cats.

It costs 1,200 yen for 1 hour. You have to order one drunk at least.

This is very basic price.

You can order alcohol also.

I had orange juice because I had to go pub after that.

This lid is cute, isn't it?

I recommend for couple.

By the way, there were

  • one men
  • one women
  • women's group

when I went there.

Cats are very friendly

I sat on floor after I ordered drink. Then cats were gathering.

They were so cute.

White cat seemed very friendly. And She wanted to be touched by me.

I stroked her and she seemed really happy.

There are some cat cafes that cats are not friendly. So I think this cat cafe is so nice.

You can buy some snack for cats. You will be able to be popular guy.


They aren't timid.

What a cute face.

If I had a sweet face, I would have more easy life.

She looked at my camera. Thank you!

She showed her back to me and asked me to scratch her back.

She seemed so happy.

I can say that I am alive for petting cats.

They weren't afraid of camera. It's rare.

The atmosphere was relaxed. Cats were also relaxed.

They played together but they're seemed not serious.

There is a clear table.

You can see cats from below.

Legs are cute.

This cat were relaxed.

He didn't run away so I could take a picture easily.

What a cute.

I could take a picture like this easily. Because the floor is so wide.

The inside is very bright.

Everyone looked at me when I got closer.

They must be happy with this cat cafe.

Price and Option

1 hour・・・1,200 yen (tax include)

Every 30 minutes・・・500 yen (tax include)

3 hour ・・・2900 yen(tax include)

You have to order one drink at least.

snack for cats・・・300 yen (tax include)

You can charter also!

whole floor・・・about 15,000 yen for 1 hour with free drink

half floor・・・about 10,000 yen for 1 hour with free drink

You can also display paintings indoors.

It will cost 10,000 yen for 5 days. If you are interested in that, please ask to clerk.


CAT LIVING's point

  • You won't mind smell.
  • Cats are so friendly.
  • There are more woman than man.
  • You can very relax.

Shop information

〒152-0032 2nd floor 1-27-5 Tairachou Meguro Tokyo

It is located in 30 seconds from Toritsudaigaku station (Tokyuyoyoko line)

business hours:12:00~21:00

regular holiday:none

※If you want to go with child who is under 12, you have to make an appointment.

My cat cafe ranking

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