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[Tokyo japan Cat cafe] Saginomiya Shirasagi cafe reviews!


I went to Shirasagi cafe in Saginomiya. It's run by Shirasagi animal hospital. I relaxed so much. I think it's little bit different from other cat cafes.

[Tokyo japan Cat cafe] Washinomiya Shirasagi cafe reviews!


Shop location

It's located beside Shirasagi animal hospital. It's located in 7 minutes from Saginomiya station by walk. Saginomiya is in Nakano ku.
You can go enter from that blue door. Let's go inside!

Let's get into Shirasagi cafe!

It isn't big room but you will feel comfortable.
You have to order one drink at least. You can chose from these menu. I ordered earl gray.
It was warm and taste was nice.
There are some books about cats. But you won't read them because cats are really friendly! haha
He is Kuri. He is shy. I could hug him. But he is shy. So I couldn't hug him long time. If you want hug some cat, please ask the clerk first.
He is Hermès. He is really friendly. I like him. Someone booked him already so he would be gone soon.
You can sit on coach as well. I recommend coach because cats will come closer to you.
If you have cat already and want to go to hospital, you can go hospital from this door.
There are some toys for cats as well. But I couldn't play with cats at that time. They prefer to relaxing than playing with toy.
Hermès stayed with me so long time. He is so cute.
He was such a close to me! He was warm so I felt sleepy then. You will enjoy conversation with clerks as well. I recommend that you go there bu yourself. If you are looking for cats for owning, it will be perfect place.
When I was accounting... Hermès mewed and hugged me from the top of the table! I couldn't believe it! What a super pretty! He climbed up my shoulder.
He might be interested in other things haha. But I'm so excited because it was first time having that experience. I hope Hermès is happy now with new owner.

Price and Option

Drink・・・310 yen~ It's reasonable!

Shirasagi cafe's point

  • Cats are used to be stray cat and you can be new owner if you want.
  • Cats are not stinky. But you might smell like hospital.
  • There are no comics.
  • Cats have different personalities.
  • You enjoy conversation with clerks as well.

Shop information

2-33-8 Shirasagi Nakanoku Tokyo Japan
It's located in 7 minutes from Saginomiya station by walk. Opening hours: 10:00 to 12:00 on weekdays and Sundays. Saturday from 16:00 to 18:00 Regular holiday: Wednesday, Thursday (other irregular holidays) URL:Shirasagi cafe TEL:03-3330-5411(as same as Shirasagi animal hospital)

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