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[Tokyo japan Cat cafe] Tama Tamaneko reviews!


I went to the cat cafe Tamaneko in Tama.

It's close to Tama center station. There is Sanrio Puroland close to Tama center station also.

Actually It was first time to go to Tama center station.

I'm going to write reviews!

[japan Cat cafe] Tama Tamaneko reviews!


Tamaneko location

Tamaneko is close to Sanrio Puroland. I think that there will be so many families on weekends.

It's hard to find where Tamaneko is. Please don't miss it.

This is a sign board.

It costs 800 yen for 1 hour. It's reasonable!

On Friday and Saturday if you are just yourself, you will able to enter 500 yen for 1 hour.

It's good for alone.

It's little bit dark but no problem. You can go upstairs.

This is a picture of 2nd floor.

Door is left side.

There is general store.

There are a lot of kinds of goods.

And It's a real cat you can see right side.

The cat didn't escape even though the door is very close to the cat.

First I washed my hands. And then let's enter the Tamaneko!

Let's enter Tamaneko

This is inside picture. It's not wide but not narrow.

Cats are not stinky. But you will feel a little bit cat smell.

You can put your bags in these boxes.

You can do some job at this table maybe.

There are some board games. It's should be good for family or friends.

There are some mobile chargers.

These ribbons are from cat competition.

This is menu of fee.

It's more reasonable than other cat cafes in Tokyo.

They have some snacks for cats. Crunchy snack is 200 yen. Chicken snack is 300 yen. Special snack for cats is 400 yen.

I ordered special one because I wanted to be popular. I'm gonna write later.

They have some drink and food menu.

I think that these are not expensive also.

If you are hungry, you can order ramen.

Actually I have never been to the cat cafe which have ramen.

Tamaneko's cats

She is Pixie. She is always sleepy.

She have such a fluffy hair.

His name is Jack. He looks so cool!

His name came from Pirate of Caribbean.

He is popular by female cats.

And He is a boss of Tamaneko.

She is Mimy.

She is so friendly.

Actually everyone is friendly!

Special snack for cats was what a special!

You can buy snacks for cats. These costs 200 yen to 400 yen. I chose special one.

This is special one.

It is mixed some kinds flavors.

There are likes and dislikes depending on the cat, so it's good to be able to give each cat a snack.

Pocky who he is in that picture ate all snacks.

They were waiting for snacks.

They looked excited!

They were coming closer.

Tifany who was standing right corner was the most big eater. She sat on my knee all time.

She came too close to take pictures.

They watched us from a little bit far away.

She is Boron. She also looked at me.

She wanted a snack too.

So cute!

Cats were so excited! You will be satisfied with special snacks.

Cats likes to be touched them ass.

A cat came to me soon when I entered the shop. So I touched her ass like this.

I stroked her back but she was gone soon. Maybe cats like to be touched them ass than back.

The other cat like also to be touched his ass.

Price and Option

time Price of Weekdays Price of Weekends Other
1 hour 800 yen(4 to 12 years old is 600 yen) 1300 yen(4 to 12 years old is 800 yen) 4-12 years old can stay only for 1 hour
2 hours 1,400 yen 1,800 yen You can drink one drink for free.
3 hours 1,800 yen 2,200 yen You can drink one drink for free.
4 hours 2,300 yen 2,800 yen You can drink 2 drinks for free.
5hours 2,800 yen 3,400 yen You can drink 2 for free.
1day 3,500 yen 5,500 yen You can drink anytime for free.

Extension fee is 100 yen for 10 minutes

There are three types of cat snacks: 200 yen, 300 yen, and 400 yen

Charter Weekdays Weekends
2 hours 10,000 yen 16,000 yen
3 hours 15,000 yen 22,000 yen

It could be 12 people at most. You have to ask about drinks.

You can bring foods but please don't feed to cats.

Please bring your garbage to home.

Tamaneko's point

  • This shop is only cat cafe in Tama center.。
  • Cats are friendly.
  • I recommend special snack for cats.
  • Small children are allowed to enter the shop.
  • Cats are not stinky but you feel little cats smell.
  • It's reasonable.

Shop information

1-19-16 Park Tama 2F Ochiai Tamashi Tokyo Japan

It is located in 10 minutes from Tama Center Station on foot.

It's close to Sanrio Puroland.

Business hours: From 11:00 to 20:30 (end of reception 19:30)

Closed: Thursday (It might change on public holidays)



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