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[Tokyo japan Cat cafe] Kamata Nyankuru reviews!


I went to Nyankuru in Kamata.

Nyankuru is part of “Leon and Nyankuru group”. This group has the other cat cafes in Yokohama, Kawasaki, Kamakura and Sakuragicho.

Cats are used to be stray cats. They were taken in byNPO little cats .

There were some other customers as well. They seemed very relaxed.

[Tokyo japan Cat cafe] Kamata Nyankuru reviews!


Nyankuru location

It's located in 2 minutes from Kamata station bu walk.

There are some Izakaya in same building.

That building is dark but don't worry! Let's go!

You can go 4 floor.

Children are allowed but their parents have to keep watching.

At the other cafes, children used to be allowed to enter. But their parents didn't look after them. So then children are not allowed now.

Please make sure keep looking after your children.

Let's get into Nyankuru!

The clerk will give you the key. So you can put your bags in box.

Please listen some precautions from the clerk.

It will cost 600 yen for 30 minutes. And you need to order 1 drink at least.

Cat room and cafe room are separated.

You can chose that you order first or later.

I ordered oolong tea.

There are some magazine about cats.

This is information about owning cats.

If you want to be an owner, you can be. Please ask to the clerk.

Cat room is wide

It's very wide space so you will be fine even there are many customers.

All cats slept when I went there.

I went there at 1 p.m.

Cats were taking a nap.

There were 2 other customers.

Cats were sleeping

This cat has white and black hair and pads.

They were sleeping together.

How cute.

Many cats were sleeping together.

Some cats woke up.

The cat woke up!

She is so shy.

I tried to pet her but she run away.

Look at her face.

The black cat was friendly.

It was first time to pet a cat in Nyankuru.

He has beautiful hair!

He looks grumpy.

But he looks cute as well.

There are some toys.

They looked still sleepy.

So I didn't pet them. Sometime it's important that don't do anything to be friend with cats.

There were couple too. One cat sat on boy's knee. Then I understood. He is popular guy.

Price and Option

first 30 minutes・・・600 yen

You need to order one drink at least.

after 30 minutes passed, +200 yen per 10 minutes.

Nyankuru's point

  • Cats are used to be stray cats.
  • Cats aren't stinky at all.
  • There are no comics.
  • Cafe and Cat room are separated.
  • Some cats are shy but mostly friendly.
  • They have pet hotel for cats as well.

Shop information

4 floor of City Kamata building 7-4-6 Nishikamata Ootaku Tokyo

It's located in 2 minutes from Kamata station.

Business hours: 11:00 to 20:00

Regular holiday: nothing



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