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[Tokyo japan Cat cafe] Togoshiginza Meooow! reviews!


I went to the cat cafe of Meoow! in Togoshiginza. I strongly recommend this cat cafe. It was so nice! This cat cafe opened in 2016 November. So it's not too much famous. There are so many cats that are so active! Which is nice point. They love toys so much. They are hungry for toys enough to start playing with some toys on the floor. You can be their foster parents also.

[japan Cat cafe] Togoshiginza Meooow! reviews!


Meooow!'s video

It was pretty busy because it was weekends. But I could take a video.

Meooow!'s location

It is located in 7 minutes from Togoshiginza station by walk. Surprisingly, it's same house with Shogi school! I guess, someone who is a teacher of Shogi has the cat cafe as well. By the way, the comic “March comes in like a lion” is amazing. Story is about Shogi. Please read it if you have never read it.
There is a signboard in front of entrance.

Let's get in Meooow!

As soon as you enter the shop, you can see some cats. But please calm down. You have to wash your hands first. It is not so big room. But it was fine that's why there were no customer. And it was not stinky. Absolutely clean!

Cats are very active.

The cat came on my knee as soon as I got in the shop. What a friendly cat! There are many young cats so everyone wants to play a lot.
They were happy when I grabbed a toy.
This situation is very rare! You won't be able to have this experience at other cat cafes.
He aimed at a toy...
and jumped! You know, he hit on me after that. He is sooo cute, isn't he?
Moreover many cats will hang out with you. They were excited so much. Sometimes they hit each other but they didn't care about it.
Look at this picture! One cat was stuck between my knee. And other one was beside me.
I didn't expect that situation. I was so popular by cats even though I didn't get snacks for cats.
They came to me anytime. They are quite friendly! I tried not to touch cats too much. They hate to be touched too much.。 You should just let them. You can touch them when cats stare at you.
Maybe he wanted to play with that toy. He had a fun so maybe I got it.
They might be tired but want to continue playing also.
They look cute.
Someone steal a toy. He likes toys so much.
There were a bunch of cats around me. Once this cat cafe become popular, it might change. I recommend you that you go there before getting popular.
She was the most active one. She is actually baby.
She jumped to catch a toy and sat on my knee.
How cute!
She looked at me as prey.
Cats didn't take a nap at all. They jumped and run anytime. They were so excited all the time.
Some cats were tired at the end. But they started to play soon again. I recommend Meooow! so much. You should try.

Price and Option

1 hour・・・1000 yen(You can get 1 drink) 200 yen per 15-minute extension ※Official web site says that you can get one drink. But I didn't get it. So maybe you have to ask to clerk.

Meooow!'s point

  • They are taken in stray cats.
  • Cats are young.
  • Cats want to play so much.
  • Cat are friendly.
  • There are no comics.
  • It isn't stinky.
  • The clerks are good also.
  • You can go to Shogi school also if you want.

Shop information

1-12-6 Ebala Shinagawa Tokyo Japan
It is located in 7 minutes from Togoshiginza station, 17 minutes from Gotanda station, about 14 minutes from Musashikoyama station and 10 minutes from Fudomae station. Business hours 13: 00-20: 00 That cafe will be closed in Wednesday.(They will be closed in other day. You should check calendar .) URL:Meooow! TEL:03-6421-5630

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