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[Tokyo japan Cat cafe]I went to Kichijoji’s Cat Cafe, Kyaliko, so I will thoroughly review it!


Kichijoji Kyaliko is about a 2-minute walk from Kichijoji Station, where the JR Sobu Line, Chuo Line, and Keio Inokashira Line pass. I have been to Kyaliko in Shinjuku, but Kichijoji was the first time to visit. The good point is that "the cats don't seem to feel stress". It may be because I went during the open hours on weekdays, but it's nice that the cats can't avoid it even if people enter. This is very important!
I also made an introduction video of the store. Please enjoy the cute movements of cats. Recently, I went to a protective cat cafe where cats come actively, but I will review regular cat cafes as well!

Kaliko, cat cafe in Kichijoji, thorough review


Place of Kaliko Kichijoji

This shopping street is right after getting off Kichijoji Station. There are diamond street and sun road, but Kaliko is in the diamond street. The left side in the photo!
If you walk a little, you can see it immediately. It may be a little difficult to find because the store is on the second floor. Look for "Delicious hamburger shop".
If you go up to the second floor, you will go to a place to wait when the store is full. The open time (11:00) on weekdays that I went to was about 4 customers.

Enter Kaliko

First of all, I received a firm explanation. Because it entered in the morning, a great discount! I thought of it, but it was the same as a regular charge when it was used for 1 hour.
Disinfect your hands with alcohol and change into slippers! (There is a little merchandise on the back shelf)

Inside of Kaliko

This is what it's like inside the store. Umm... It's quite a comfortable space. There is almost no smell, and it is no problem even if you come on a date.
The room was divided into two, and the back was warm-colored lighting. If you take a cat in this room, it will look like this depending on your settings.
It ’s a little yellow. You can fix it right away with the camera settings, but if you don't know how to do it, you might want to shoot in the first room.
If you take it in the first room, the color will look right.
And there are so many comics that look good. It would be nice to have a nerdy girl feeling that Uramiti Oniisan is put. And I feel like the cat cafe has a high rate of Kazuhiro Fujita's manga. I cried at the end of Usio and Tora... The last battle between Hyo and Guren couldn't be seen without tears … The story was completely different, but I think that various manga are available.
If you have a lot of luggage, keep it in a locker. There are many large lockers available. You can bring about 10 radishes. If it is a burdock, 30 is enough.
Do you understand this by looking at this? The sofa on the right side is a so-called love sofa.
If you sit here on your first date, you will definitely get closer! The sit comfort was good. The cushion that hits the waist feels good. The person who did this setup is a person who has mastered the type of reading manga. maybe.
If your throat is dry, you can use the dispenser at the back to get a free drink. Good. If you want to drink a plastic bottle, you can buy a mini size for 100 yen.
In the back room, the mood is enhanced by indirect lighting with an atmosphere like this. However, it may be difficult depending on the angle whether girls can take selfies. I think that taking a selfie in the first room will be more beautiful.
It seems to be doing an event. What was looking for when I went was the “Sweet Paradise” event. I’m a little concerned but if a guy went alone, he would be surely out of place...
Free Wi-Fi is also available. There is also a charger, so you can feel confident that you will always do SNS.
The point that I thought was good for Kyaliko is that there is a cat resting place. If cats are tired of playing with a human, they can rest here. Good! On the other hand, the point I was worried about a bit was that the free snack was ice cream. As for another cat cafe, “A limited number of ice creams are actually sold indefinitely, and the cats are out of their stomachs. The ice cream was reused from leftover cat food. I ’ve heard that. That's why the impression of ice on cats isn't good. However, these cats were not stressed or felt unwell, so they might not be so worried. The other is that there is no human age limit. If you are under elementary school age, you may not be able to know the proper way to interact with the cat, and may stress the cat. In Kyaliko, there is a limit on the number of children under elementary school age, so the management is based on the ability of the staff. When I went there, I felt that “the cat doesn’t seem to be stressed, and maybe it ’s going well”. You can easily find a cat cafe with lots of stressful cats. Point is,
  • If you try to touch a cat, you can escape
  • The cat does not come
  • Always sleeping
  • The cat is excreting outside the toilet
Stop where cats are trying to keep a distance from humans because they are landmines. Kyaliko was fine to stroke properly. Cat didn't get on my lap like a protective cat café, but I didn't have any problems with stroking the approaching cats.

Kaliko’s cats

A scene like a duel. What happened after this …there was nothing in particular Speaking of which, I have seen several scenes where cats are intimidating with other cats, whether they are young.
Very fluffy.
This feels like it is okay to stroke, so I feel a little stroked.
There is a dignified face.
She has a face that feel like Kichijoji. I don't know why.


You can enjoy it fairly reasonably.

Basic Charge

Time Charge
30 minutes 700yen
60 minutes 1,200yen
90 minutes 1,500yen
120 minutes 1,800yen
150 minutes 2,000yen
Free time 2,200yen
with free drink

Morning discount by entering the store by 12:00

Time Charge
30 minutes 700yen
60 minutes 1,200yen
120 minutes 1,500yen
180 minutes 1,800yen
Free Time 2,200yen
with free drink Discounts are available at 120 and 180 minutes, and the others are the same as the basic charge.

50% after 17:00

Time Charge
30 minutes 700yen
60 minutes 1,200yen
90minutes 1,500yen
Free Time 1,700yen
with free drink Discounts apply when you are over 90 minutes, and other times remain the same.

Student discount for junior high school and high school students

Time Charge
30minutes 700yen
60minutes 1,200yen
Free Time 1,500yen
Discounts apply for 60 minutes or more, and other times remain the same. Cat snack・・・300yen

Point of Kaliko

  • There is almost no smell
  • A relaxing interior with a fashionable cartoon-like atmosphere
  • The customers were many women
  • Cat reaction is not bad for a cat cafe

Shop information

1-8-2 Kichijoji Honmachi, Musashino City FC Kichijoji Building 2F
About 2 minutes on foot from Kichijoji Station. Business hours: 11: 00-22: 00 (Last entry 21:30) phone number:0422-27-2117 No regular holiday age limit:None

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