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[Tokyo japan Cat cafe] Hikihune Cat and Dogs cafe reviews!


I went to Cat and Dogs cafe in Hikihune. I don't go Hikihune area usually except when I go to a fireworks festival at Sumida river. It is located in 10 minutes by walk from Hikihune station. There are dogs and cats. They are all waiting for new owners. The cat area is divided into a dog area and a cat area, making it easy to relax. Cats are friendly!

[Tokyo japan Cat cafe] Hikihune Cat and Dogs cafe reviews!


Shop location

These areas are so narrow that you may get lost. I recommend that you come while looking at the Google map. Looking inside, it doesn't look like a cafe at first glance, so you might hesitate to enter it, but let's enter it with caution. The staff was kind and helpful.

Let's get into Cats and Dogs cafe!

Immediately after entering the shop is the dog area and the cat area on the right hand side. Before entering the cat area, take off your shoes and disinfect your hands.
Don't forget to bring a cat toy. My recommendation is a toy that is visible in the back of a rainbow-colored screen.

Inside looks

The room is not wide but there will be not so many customers. It was rainy so there were strong smell.
Cats were interested in me.
You can get some beverages. It will cost 200 yen at least. It's reasonable! It will cost 200 yen each 15 minutes as well.


All cats are friendly. They like to play with toys and come on someone's knee.
The black cat was excited.
He slept on my knee also.
That cat likes toys as well. Of course you can touch them!
Some cats will stay on your knee all the time. So you will lost timing that you std anup.
That cat slept next to me. I stroked that cat as well.
What did you want to say? Look at that cat's face.
The cat felt lonely.
I made that cat awake.
That cat didn't move all the time from same spot. The impression of this shop was that I went to the house where the cat lives. Cats welcome you!

Price and Option

It cost 200 yen for each 15 minutes beverage・・・200 yen~

Cats and Dogs cafe's point

  • You can be a new owner if you want.
  • Cats are friendly.
  • The smell of cat is strong.
  • There aren't comics.
  • Cats like toys.

Shop information

5-48-1 Mukoujima Sumida Tokyo It's located in 10 minutes on foot from Hikihune station. Business hours: From 12:00 to 21:00 (last entry time 20:30) Regular holiday: Tuesday (continuous holidays once a month) URL:Cats and Dogs cafe TEL:03-5247-7979

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