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[Tokyo japan Cat cafe] Ootsuka Cat Guardian reviews!


I went to Cat Guardian in Ootsuka.

This is quite famous as an NPO looking for owners of protected cats, and it was quite crowded even on weekdays.

They have a cat cafe in Nishikokubunji as well.

[Tokyo japan Cat cafe] Ootsuka Cat Guardian reviews!


Shop location

It is located in 5 minutes by walk from Ootsuka station. There is cat thrift shop at 1st floor.

Go to the 5th floor with the elevator on the right side of the building.

When you get off the elevator, cat goods are lined up.

Let's get into Cat Guardian!

You can wait here.

The clerk will come.

The clerk is nice.

There are no entrance fee.

But you need to pay 1,000 yen for donation.

With a donation of 1,000 yen, the kitten's food will be for 5 days and the toilet will be for 2 weeks.

That's nice!

By the way, even if it is not 1,000 yen, 10,000 yen or 50,000 yen is ok! Lol

If you buy something here, they can use it for protection cat activities.

They are also recruiting volunteer staff.

There are quite a lot of events and hospitals …

You can be a new owner as well.

Rather than being a cat cafe main, the main feeling is that those who are foster parents come to see the cat.

It seems that the first cat-teaching course is also held.

If you are interested, please join them.

This is a vending machine.

The shop has a two-story structure, and the lower part looks like this.

Each door on the right is a room with cats.

When I tried to enter the room, a cat tried to escape.

I entered with caution, but the cat escaped and the staff took the cat back.

Please pay attention.

The cat room looks like this.

You cannot touch the cat in the cage.

Cats outside can safely hold them.

Please be prepared as the smell is quite strong.

The cat is cute.

The cat's face is nice.

The upper floor looks like this, and the sun is shining on a sunny day.

It feels a little less than the smell.

There are some comics.

Cats of Cat Guardian!

Some cats are quite timid.

All the cats on the upper floor were relatively quiet and were not disliked even when they were stroked.

But they were not so friendly.

Many customers came with their families, and they were quite busy on weekdays.

Price and Option

There are no entrance fee. But you had better donate about 1,000 yen.

Cat Guardian's point

  • Maybe the transfer of a protective cat is the main rather than a cat cafe?
  • The smell is quite strong.
  • Some have been interviewed to transfer cats.
  • Cats are timid, but some cats can be stroked.
  • There are a lot of children (because it was winter vacation?)

Shop information

Wind building 5F 3-50-1 Ootsuka Toshima Tokyo

It's located in 5 minutes by walk from south exit of Ootsuka station.

Opening hours: Weekdays from 14:00 to 20:00, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 13:00 to 20:00

Regular holiday: Tuesday

URL:Cat Guardian


※Before making phone call, please make sure to read a home page.

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