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[Tokyo Japan Cat cafe] Asakusa Monta review!


I went to the cat cafe Monta in Asakusa.

There are so many cat cafes in Asakusa. Asakusa is hot spot for cat cafe.

Monta had calm atmosphere. I remembered that shop manager played with cants.

So I'm gonna write a review!

[japan Cat cafe] Asakusa MONTA reviews!


MONTA location

It is located in 1 minute on foot.

You will find easy because there is Yoshinoya at 1st floor.

Sign board looks bright yellow. So I could find easy from far away.

Monta is at 8 floor. So you take elevator.

First please take off your shoes and change to slippers.

You don't have to wash your hands but you wipe with hand towel and use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Please follow the clerk.

Please read Notice first. ※Maybe you should ask someone if you cannot read Japanese.

You can bring some toys. But it must be new ones. You will be popular with cats!

Price is 200 yen per 10 minutes. But it's 1,000 yen for 1 hour.

It's 1,500 yen for 90 minutes, and you can stay 1 day for 2,000 yen.

※Those prices are only on weekdays. It will be changed on weekend. I will write below.

There are a bunch of drink and food menu. Pasta, pizza, beer...etc.

It is a orthodox cafe!

Let's enter MONTA!

This picture is inside of MONTA.

It's fashionable.

And cats are not stinky. I recommended for dating also.

There are some sofas also.

You have to stay same spot. That's why it will be important to chose where you sit.

If you go there with girl or boy friend, you have to chose brown sofa!

You can get close naturally.

I think that you can hold his or her hands naturally.

It's my strategy haha.

There are not so many books.

I recommend to see books with your girl or boy friends.

Actually I went there by myself.

The manager play with cats often. So it's easy to take pictures.

The clerk (I think he is a manager.) often play with cats. You can take pictures many times!

But sometimes you will feel lonely because all cats are gathering at the clerk.

I was disappointed because cats didn't relax on my knee.

The cats snacks are most important item!

You can buy snack for cats for 300 yen.

There are 2 kind of snacks. You can choose snack which is a lot of but some cats cannot eat it or the other snack which is not so much amount but all cats can eat it.

I chose a snack which all cats can eat.

Cats were coming immediately!

They were coming on my knee.

Especially these 2 cats in this picture came many times.

I took pictures before I feed them. They waited for me.

Somebody else were coming.

I know how big snack power is...

They were gone as soon as they finished eating. So I felt a little bit lonely but you know, this is what cat is.

MONTA's cats

The cats was in the box all day.

She love the box.

He sat by me.

I could touch him so much!

His hair was so soft.

He was in front of me.

He looks beautiful.

I couldn't touch him because this cat was running around.

He was sensitive for big sounds.

He looks ennui.

Price and Option


Every 10 minutes・・・200 yen

30 minutes・・・600 yen

60 minutes・・・1,000 yen

90 minutes・・・1,500 yen

1DAY PASS (You can stay there for 1 day)・・・2,000 yen


Every 10 minutes・・・2,000 yen

30 minutes・・・600 yen

60 minutes・・・1,200 yen

90 minutes・・・・1,700 yen

120 minutes・・・2,200 yen

150 minutes・・・2,600 yen

1DAY PASS(You can stay there for 1 day)・・・3,000 yen

※ non-taxed price

Food menu(Some example)

coffee・・・380 yen

Beer (Asahi super dry)・・・500 yen

carbonara ・・・630 yen

mix pizza・・・580 yen

chicken fry・・・450 yen

snacks for cats・・・300 yen

MONTA's point

  • Cat's are not stinky.
  • Cats will come especially if you have snacks.
  • Cats will gather at clerk when he has a toy. But It's gonna be good for taking good pictures.
  • They don't have manga.
  • The interior is fashionable.
  • No entry for children under 11 years old.

Information about MONTA

Satellite Fuji Building 8F 1-5-2 Hanagawado Taitouku Tokyo Japan

It is located in 1 minute from Asakusa station.

You can see Yoshinoya in 1 floor as same building.

Business hours: 11:00 to 20:00 (last order is 19:30)

Regular holiday: Tuesday (If a national holiday, the next Wednesday will be closed)



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