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[Tokyo japan Cat cafe] Musashikoyama Satooya Cafe reviews!


I went to Satooya cafe in Musasikoyama. Thy don't have drink menu. I could relax so much. Cats are very friendly. I'm going to write review!

[Tokyo japan Cat cafe] Musasikoyama Satooya Cafe reviews!


Satooya cafe location

It's located in 10 minutes from Musasikoyaa station on foot.

Let's go inside!

You will feel comfortable. As soon as I sat on the floor...で、
A cat came! I was surprised because it was so fast!
There are some toys as well. Cats love toys so it's good idea to play with cats. There are not so many comics. There is just one person who run this shop. I enjoyed to talk with the clerk also.

Cats are in Satooya cafe

There were 2 cats under the table. They are 4 month old. Look at black cat's leg. How pretty.
She was sleeping on the pillow. Cats are so cute even just they are sleeping. Actually, I have never been said that your face is cute when I sleep.
He looks bossy. His eyes are so sharp.
But he likes to be touched his ass.
She likes to play with toys.
You can play with cats as you want at this cat cafe.

Price and Option

There is no entrance fee. But you can contribute. Mostly people donate 1,000 yen per each person.

Satooya cafe's point

  • You won't feel cats smell.
  • Sometimes it will be so busy, but sometime not busy.
  • Cats are friendly.
  • Children are allowed to enter.

Shop information

1-24-1 Ebara Shinagawa Tokyo Japan−1
It's located in 10 minutes from Musashikoyama station. Business hours: 11:00 to 18:00 (up to 20:00) Regular holiday: Irregular URL:Satooya cafe TEL:03-6421-6023

My cat cafe ranking

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